After its international success and a prize in the category of Best Dance Performance at FETEN 2015 for “Whales, Stories of Giants”, Larumbe Danza now presents “Chasing Forests – Fantasies from the Forest”. This second rendition of the hypermedia dance performance trilogy “Water/Land/Air” is directed by an American guest choreographer residing in Madrid, Camille Hanson. 

A poetic and captivating show, which grows and creates the enveloping three-dimensionality produced by the interaction between dance, the stage proposal, and hypermedia visual art.

Sarita, a determined and imaginative girl, vehemently condemns the destruction of the forests. She therefore converts her room into a majestic and magical forest. Together with her sisters, she embarks on a fantasy journey where the young girls have to reinvent themselves as characters inspired by some of the great twentieth century adventurers. This poetic and spellbinding tri-dimensional performance, which creates and grows before your eyes, was born out of the fruitful interaction between dance and visual hypermedia art. 

In this family-friendly performance, art, nature, ecology and technology come together in support of free child creativity, as well as the conservation of the forests for the physical and intellectual wellbeing of all human beings.


Directed by: Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo

Choreography and Dramaturgy: Camille Hanson 

Dancers: Sarah Wünsch, Sophia Wünsch and Sara Martín

Original Music: Mauri Corretjé and David Fernández 

Multimedia Creation: Jorge Barriuso and Carlos Lucas

Lighting Design: Lia Alves

Set Design: Camille Hanson and Larumbe Danza

Set Construction: STEI and Lola Pardo

Costume Design: Camille Hanson

Graphic Design: Sandra Wahlbeck

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Management and Promotion: Lizbeth Pérez

General Production: Juan de Torres