“Whales, stories of Giants” is a coproduction created by Larumbe Danza (Spain), Pendulo Cero (Mexico) and Hain Producciones (Chile), and with the participation of Sneo Mestizaje Projects (Spain/Uruguay) for the creation of the virtual set and 3D multimedia, cofinanced by Iberescena.

It’s an innovative and interdisciplinary performance inspired by legends and stories from Mexico and Chile, where the interactivity between dance and 3D projections allow children and adults to immerse in ancient stories told with a contemporary aesthetic. The dancers interact with the virtual set through the projection of 3D stereoscopic images. The audience will be able to see the performance with 3D glasses.

For its creators, located in different countries and with interdisciplinary training, it is about erasing geographical borders (the whales’ journey is ancestral and goes from Baja California, Mexico, to the southern seas) but also the borders between reality and fiction, thanks to the incorporation of new technologies, especially stereoscopic 3D projections, which make this co-production a particularly attractive show for children and families.

Whales, stories of giants is a single story divided into four acts. The myths of the various geographies, Baja California and Chile, intersect and thus appear the elements common to all humans of the same world, with its seas and whales in mating ceremonies and its deserts that tell us about death as part of evolution.

The creators, Larumbe Danza (Spain), Péndulo Cero (Mexico-Tijuana) and María Paz Calabrano (Chile) interact with the virtual set, made by SNEO Mestizaje Projects (Uruguay / Spain), consisting of a screen in the background onto which stereoscopic 3D images are projected. In this way, viewers go to the theater, but see a play with 3D glasses as if they were in the cinema.


Idea and Coproduction: 
Larumbe Danza (Spain)
Pendulo Cero (Mexico)
Sneo Mestizaje Projects (Uruguay/Spain)

Choreography: Daniela Merlo, Miroslava Wilson, David Mariano and Mª Paz Calabrano

Stage Manager: Juan de Torres

Audiovisual and Multimedia Creation: Jmac Garín and Sebastián Alíes

Soundscape Creation: Jmac Garín

Lighting Design: Lia Alves

Photography: Pedro Arnay, BSLG

Graphic Design: Son Ávalos, Subito Red Desarrollos

Management and Production: Lizbeth Pérez

General Production: Juan de Torres