The 7th edition of GESTO Dance Festival begins

  • Dance approaches the public every day at 20h in the Plaza de la Constitución of Torrelodones City, in sessions that combine different genres (contemporary dance, hip hop, physical theater, manga in movement, neoclassical, flamenco fusion, etc.) and trajectories (young companies and established companies).
  • Five regions of Spain will come together in this Festival, with a special presence from the Canary Islands, which will be present through five companies: Cora Panizza with Within walking, Carmen Fumero with Un poco de Nadie, Paula Quintana with Sueño3, Javier Arozena with Schwanengesang (der Held) and Indalecio Séura (Canary Islands / Andalusia) with Dormu.
  • The rest of the companies come from Madrid (CaraBdanza with Four Seasons and Mey-ling Bisogno with Shōjo), Andalusia (Marcat Dance with Adama), Castilla y León / Madrid (Lucía Montes & Mado Dallery with In-side) and the Basque Country (Metamorphosis Dance with Entangled Echoes – the latter company based between the Basque Country and Madrid).
  • GESTO Dance Festival is celebrated thanks to the collaboration of the Torrelodones City Council and Juan de Torres, artistic director, with the participation of ten companies, including an absolute premiere.
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GESTO Dance Festival reaches its seventh edition in 2021, an event that consolidates its place of promotion and approach art and dance in Torrelodones, thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the Torrelodones City Council and the artistic direction by Juan de Torres. With this edition -which is held from September 1st to 4th at Plaza de la Constitución, in which a total of 10 companies will participate-, GESTO Festival ensures that dance is incorporated into the cultural dynamics of Torrelodones.

Due to the mobility restrictions that the performing arts sector is going through, this year there will be an invited Region: the Canary Islands, five companies from this región will be performing with a total of ten dance companies participating and there will be 1 premiere.

The themes that will be staged from movement, the body, music and aesthetics range from universal themes such as love, dreams, the relationship with nature, pain or power, to more specific themes such as the importance of not being anyone or how heavy the things that are not said in a couple.

Juan de Torres, artistic director of the Festival, explains that “this is a Festival that brings dance closer to the people, who understands the contemporary beyond styles”. That is why you can see the most current creation that draws from different sources (flamenco, hip hop, physical theater, neoclassical, etc”

Visit the website to check the full program: