Extraordinary training and outreach activities, aimed at diverse audiences, that Larumbe Danza organizes throughout the year on specific dates with the goal of offering unusual and interesting tools, to complement both dance training and the personal growth of any person.

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Centro Cultural Antonio López
(Avda. Príncipes de España, 4, Coslada)

Contemporary Dance and Choreography

Imparted by: Vanessa Medina (dancer invited to many professional dance companies, she’s currently in charge of the Professional School and Natalia Medina Dance Company in Canary Islands.

Intended for: Dance students and middle/advanced professional dancers.

September 16th and 17th 2021
19:00h a 20:30h

September 18th and 19th 2021
10:30h a 12:00h

Adapt Method

Workshop about healthy habits, efficiency, and injury prevention, specially designed for dancers, teachers and dance students.

Imparted by: Marina Vara

Intended for: Dancers, teachers and dance students.

November 20th 2021
10:00h a 14:00h

Neoclassic/Contemporary Dance Masterclass

Imparted by: Metamorphosis Dance Company directors’, Iratxe Ansa (National Dance Award 2020) and Igor Bacovich.

Intended for: Dancers and advanced level dance students.

January 22nd 2022
10:00h a 12:00h

Butoh for beginners

Dance style born in the middle of the last century, specifically in Japan. It’s a style that arouses growing interest in the West, with great expressiveness that thrives through meditation and reflects the state of mind. 

Imparted by: Verónica Garzón.

Intended for: All audiences.

March 5th 2022
10:00h a 14:00h

Theater applied to dancing

This workshop aims to bring together and communicate the two performing arts to broaden both worlds. 

Imparted by: Pedro Aguilar.

Intended for: Dancers, teachers and dance students.

May 21st 2022
10:00h a 14:00h