Objetivo Danza is an association based in Coslada (Madrid), which makes dancing an ethical commitment to meet the democratic and pluralistic objectives of an advanced society. Dance as a universal tool for education, citizen participation, generational dialogue, inclusion, equality, training and professionalization, R&D, as well as quality entertainment.

Objetivo Danza is the educational and training project of the resident company in Coslada, Larumbe Danza. Its directors, Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, recognized professionals trained in the best dance schools in Europe and the United States, imprint the personal stamp of the Larumbe technique and philosophy, which offers a new concept to learn, experience and live the art of dancing.

We receive the support of Coslada’s Departments of Culture and Citizen Participation, and we also collaborate with the Department of Children, Youth, Women and the Elderly.

Our venue:
C/ Uruguay, 4 – 9ºB
28822 Coslada
CIF: G87535555

Objetivo Danza energizes your daily life by creating different proposals for you to enjoy dance how and when you need it, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of Coslada and the resident company Larumbe Danza.

Larumbe Workshops offer quality training for all ages and conditions and at all levels, creating spaces and providing unique environments, so that, through dancing, you can find those special moments that make you feel at ease with yourself.

  • Amateur level: For students who wish to practice dancing as an educational tool, professional development and/or entertainment.
  • Professional: For students who wish to move towards a specialized and professional training.
  • LD2 Project: Young Dance Company of Coslada.

The events offer:

  • Cultural leisure: Festivals, open-air thematic cinema, exhibitions, etc.
  • Educational and informative activities: Masterclasses, conferences, open rehearsals, development of thematic video libraries in person (Municipal Library) and virtually (website).
  • Participatory activities: Flashmobs, video dances starring the citizens themselves, etc.
  • R&D activity: Generates artistic contents and professional platforms based on research in Dance/Virtual Reality.

The membership card allows you to have privileged access to these activities and access to the programming of the Teatro Municipal and the Teatro La Jaramilla of Coslada, with the best advantages and discounts.