LD2 Company

Young Company of Coslada

About LD2

The LD2 Young Company of Coslada project was born from the result of the training plan that the Larumbe Workshops have carried out during the last decade in Coslada and that has involved in one of its aspects the accompaniment of dance students from their childhood to adolescence or young adults’ age. Some of them with noticeable talent and an interest that go beyond the category of simple entertainment.

Who makes it up

LD2 is composed of young people between 14 and 17 years old, curious about contemporary dance and performing arts.


To extend the promotion and, therefore, the appreciation of culture and performing arts, the creation of future professionals, artistic and technical, encouraging research and seeking the incorporation of young audiences to contemporary dance, creating a bridge between the classroom and the stage.


LD2 is based on the training to take the professional leap, the assimilation of different experiences in the performing arts, for the consolidation of future job opportunities.

The proposal recognises and includes the diversity of languages that enrich and promote the creative evolution of dance. It will enable the training of performers and creators through the learning of different dance techniques and styles.

In relation to the performing arts, there are pedagogical and technical aspects that the members of LD2 will be able to appreciate from the hand of specialised professionals with different aspects, such as music history, lighting, scenography, stage management, etc. In this way, they will be able to identify the most suitable professional direction for their profile.

Juan de Torres, director of the resident company in Coslada, Larumbe Danza, will work on the different aspects that will allow the training of performers, creators, technicians and other professionals within the performing arts, in a complete way, as the learning of the different functions will have been carried out preserving their personalities and characteristics. The methodology is based on the Larumbe Danza company, studying and analysing its work and repertoire. In addition, the project will involve professionals from different fields related to dance, in specific aspects related to music, lighting, audiovisuals, stage management, production, etc. For this reason, we wanted to create this Advanced and Integral Training Platform under the incentive of belonging to a Young Company.

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