This production by Larumbe Danza, “A Happy World”, especially designed for non-conventional venues, finds a certain source of inspiration in the aesthetics of one of Aldous Huxley’s most popular works, “Brave New World”.

More than a duet, Larumbe Danza defines this choreographic piece as two solitary performers who coincide on stage until, by their own will, they struggle to transform the piece into a duet. The two solitary bodies end up as one.

In a futuristic and dystopian world, two beings live, move, perceive and evolve in two different environments: one, inside a sphere, a transparent and closed bubble; the other, in an exterior and open space. As if they were two parallel and opposite universes. 

Is the person in the bubble a prisoner or protected? Does she observe the outside world from the inside or is her world limited to her sphere? Does she breathe purified air from her canister or does she feel dependent on it? In the bubble, the abnormal becomes routine.

And the other, in outer space, does he feel free or unprotected, evicted? In his environment or marginalized? Does he breathe free air or is he being polluted? In outer space, instincts are exacerbated.

Sensing each other, they will try to come together, to enter and/or leave. In this way, they will break their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual barriers, they will know their respective opposites, which will lead them to know themselves, to be able to free themselves, although cloistered, to save themselves, although helpless.


Idea, Direction and Stage Manager: Juan de Torres

Dancers: Beatriz de Paz and Sergio García

Choreography: Juan De Torres in collaboration with the dancers

Original Music: Mauricio Corretje

Other Music: Franz Schubert

Lighting Design: Daniel Alcaraz (Cía. De La Luz)

Costume: Larumbe Danza

Distribution and Managemen: Lizbeth Pérez

Artistic Co-Direction: Daniela Merlo

General Producer: Juan De Torres


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