Can you put on a musical in 24 hours?

West Side Story in 24 hours is a community musical theater project starring the neighbors of Pozuelo.

To celebrate World Theater Day, an express production and staging of the musical West Side Story was placed on Saturday, March 25 at 8 pm at the Mira Teatro, simulating the filming of the musical West Side Story.

A challenge focused on the creation process, in which the participants experienced an express process of “casting”, rehearsals and premiere of a musical in 24 hours. An opportunity to connect cultural activity and knowledge of the performing arts with people who live, work or study in the municipality and to build a shared and intergenerational space to develop and play with our creativity.

The dramaturgy has been in charge of Dani Llull, with direction by Jorge Muñoz, musical direction by Felipe Bel and choreography by Juan de Torres, director of Larumbe Danza, and Antonio Najarro.