Conexion Danza arrives: a Larumbe Danza proposal for young people

In collaboration with the Department of Culture and the Department of Youth of the City Council of Coslada, Larumbe Danza launches this initiative that seeks to offer young people in the first years of ESO, a meeting place outside of school hours, in which Dance will be the language of interaction to establish communication with their peers.

A positive leisure activity, which can contribute to improving their physical and mental well-being, and to be able to fulfill their artistic interests and to have the opportunity to meet young people from other educational centers and create new friendships.

What does Conexion Danza offer:

  • Create a group
  • A two hours session per week of communication through dancing

Target audience:

  • Young students from IES of Coslada
  • Age from 13 to 15 years old
  • It’s not necessary to have previous skills nor knowledge of dancing, but with interest in approaching dancing. 
  • With motivation to meet new people and to be open to learn new ways of communicating through dancing.
  • Availability of 2 hours/week

When and where will Conexion Danza take place:

Centro de Juventud La Factoría
Avda. José Gárate s/n
28823 Coslada
Schedule: Wednesday from 17h to 18h30
Price: Free
Date: February to June 2022

Oficina Joven 
Centro Cultural Margarita Nelken
Av. Príncipes de España, 18
28823 Coslada
Tel: 91 660 1648