Great premiere of “Firebird 3D”

October 2022. Larumbe Danza launches its new family production of dance hypermedia, “Firebird 3D”, fusing dance with 3D projections. The peculiarity and power of the company lies in the commitment to the fusion between the traditional and the innovative, in a constant preservation of our roots in the service of an evolution in step with the times, deepening research on new technologies. Pioneers in the application of 3D in live shows in Spain, Larumbe Danza has reached over one hundred thousand spectators around the globe with “Whales stories of Giants”, winner of the Best Dance Performance Award at FETEN 2015; in addition to the production of more dance and 3D productions such as “Swan Lake” and “Air”.

As a resident company in Coslada for more than twenty years, Larumbe Danza is one of the most prolific contemporary dance companies established in Spain. Its souls and engines, Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo have been at the helm since 1996, having inherited it from the Navarrese choreographer Karmen Larumbe, so this peculiar company has more than 50 years of history. Since then, its production is close to a hundred works premiered, aimed at very diverse audiences, including collaborations and co-productions with companies and artists from all over the world, touring all national festivals, as well as some of the most important international ones, around 4 continents and 32 countries.

With the premiere of “Firebird 3D”, Juan de Torres creates this production for all audiences, but especially aimed at the new generations, concentrating the three pillars to awaken interest in the performing arts for everyone: past, present and future. The music of the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, one of the most emblematic of the 20th century, represents the PAST, without associating the firebird with destruction but with life and reconstruction. Dance, with its instantaneous and ephemeral movement, represents the PRESENT. And technology, through immersion in the performance by means of 3D images, represents the FUTURE, creating a visually stunning work with original music and cast of Larumbe Danza dancers, under the artistic and choreographic direction of Juan de Torres. 

The premiere will take place this October 29th at 19:00h at the Teatro Municipal de Coslada, being the annual premiere of Larumbe Danza as resident company in Coslada. Tickets, priced at 5€, are on sale here.