International Dance Day in Coslada

Special program with the resident company in Coslada, Larumbe Danza, with the collaboration of professional performing arts companies and the dance academies of the city.


APRIL 29TH 19:30h

Municipal Theater of Coslada

Co-organized by: Department of Culture of Coslada City and Larumbe Danza


One more year the City Council of Coslada joins the celebration of International Dance Day. For the second year it is held at the Municipal Theater of Coslada where this time it will be multidisciplinary with theatre, dance, visual and lyrical arts.

On the other hand, as was done last year, in addition to the professional part, there will be an amateur part with the joint participation of the dance academies of the city.

The International Dance Day manifesto will be read on stage.

Free event until full capacity.

Tickets can be purchased at the CC Antonio López during opening hours and at the theater box office from one hour before the show.



  • FELIPE BEL (director of Agrupación Coral de Coslada)
  • PIANIST: Alexandre Alcántara
  • MAITE CASCÓN (Plastic Artist)
  • PEDRO AGUILAR (Actor and professor of the Theater Workshops in Coslada)



The choreographers that Will create the flashmob are:

  • Objetivo Danza Association
  • María Larios Dance Academy
  • Danza Daphne Academy

Eight dance academies will participate

With a participation of up to 12 dance students from each dance academy.

  • Objetivo Danza Association
  • AVV Fleming Dance Academy
  • Liberty Soul Dance Academy
  • Tacón y Baile (Rosy Serrano) Dance Academy
  • Danza Daphne Academy
  • María Larios Dance Academy
  • Cucumbers Dance Studio
  • Tempo Studio