Larumbe Danza presents a double program on its opening night

Larumbe Danza, resident company of Coslada for more than 25 years, and directed by Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, presents a double program at the Municipal Theater of Coslada next Saturday, October 28th. This program, designed for all audiences and all ages, consists of the premiere of a new production, “The Hare, the Tortoise & the Influencer”, inspired by the popular fable attributed to Aesop (The Hare and the Tortoise), and a collaboration with the University of Mexico and its DAJU Youth Company, “Swan Lake (3D)”. These are two very different productions, but of great spectacularity, and both revolve around the current use of new technologies.

De Torres and Merlo agree that, due to their originality and quality, both proposals will be unique and unrepeatable works, which will make this event a key date in the history of Larumbe Danza, and of the Municipal Theater of Coslada, host of all the company’s creations for more than two decades.

“The Hare, the Tortoise & the Influencer” is a performance created by Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, with original dramaturgy, texts and music by Daniel Llul. It is one of the few times that the company has worked more directly with a text, inspired by the universal fable that highlights the effort and perseverance, and in which also adds a new character, the influencer, which will bring the hare and the tortoise to the times of today.

In this century we have seen how technology, already completely integrated in our daily lives, conditions absolutely everything, and the new generations tend to lose interest in observing, tasting and trying to understand the natural rhythms… From the fun and from a fable that is still current after several centuries, this creation aims to emphasize certain qualities of human beings that are disappearing at high speed, such as intuition, curiosity, commitment, dreaming and imagining … With this proposal, Larumbe Danza invites young viewers to recover all that is being lost, to awaken the senses and fantasy, to play, touch, breathe, run, get dirty and, of course, to dance.

Within this double program, next October 28 will also be presented at the Teatro Municipal de Coslada the performance “Swan Lake (3D)”, a new version of the show already premiered by the company in 2018 with six performers, but this time taken up by Juan de Torres in a special collaboration with the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and its Youth Contemporary Dance Company (DAJU), with a cast of fifteen young dancers. This young company will travel to Spain for the first time after its premiere in Mexico last October 21, at one of the country’s most important festivals, the Festival Cultura UNAM. On its Spanish tour, between October 23 and November 6, the DAJU company will visit, in addition to Coslada, cities such as Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid.

Inspired by the famous 19th century ballet that continues to captivate audiences from generation to generation, “Swan Lake (3D)” is a contemporary fable with original music by Tchaikovsky, told from the perspective of young people immersed in the technological revolution of the 21st century. Through contemporary dance and 3D images, the piece proposes a reflection on the risks involved in the enormous reach of new technologies, especially in the development, health and safety of children and youth.