LD2: An opportunity for young people and dance profession

Larumbe Danza promotes dancing from the earliest childhood and is accompanying and integrating this discipline within the development of minors. At a certain point, LARUMBE realized that, for certain profiles, a link was missing in this training: the experience of the profession and the possibility of dedicating themselves to it. It is at that moment when the Young LD2 Company was born, a project where young people know what it means to be part of a professional company, where they continue to develop their performer side but also begin to train in their creative side (as choreographers), breaking academic concepts.

This takes shape in the active participation in professional performances (ICEBERG production was possible thanks to the work of the professional company and LD2), in attending live auditions, and also in research on their own generation. LARUMBE wants young people to talk about themselves and their concerns, without labels and without pressure. In this sense, the members of LD2 are currently conducting a sociological research in their environment on what moves them, and for this they have carried out a survey for young people between 14 and 20 years old in which, for now, they have received more than 150 responses.