Premiere of the performance “Brave New World” in Coslada Radial Festival

Larumbe Danza will premiere its new production during COSLADA RADIAL Festival, an ideal setting to present this new proposal specially designed for non-conventional venues, and which finds a source of inspiration in the aesthetics of one of the books with great repercussion by Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World.”

More than a duet, Larumbe Danza defines this choreographic piece as two solitary performers who coincide in the stage space until, of their own volition, they fight to transform the piece into a duet. The two solitary bodies end up being one.

The premiere will take place on September 16th with live music by composer Franz Schubert performed by a string quartet (violins: Víctor De la Fuente and Raúl Saiz, viola: Ana Chamorro and cello: Ángel Paunov), and will begin right after the opening of the Festival at 20:30hs outside the Cultural Center Antonio López in Coslada.