In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Larumbe Danza Company and the 20th anniversary as resident Company in Coslada, Juan de Torres return to his origins creating a performance aimed to adult audience, with 10 dancers on stage including members of the recent established LD2 Young Company, that perform side to side with the professional dancers of Larumbe Danza and guests, in a generational dialogue between art and social awareness.

ICEBERG is a metaphor that reflects on the future evolution of humankind.
Compare an Iceberg, adrift, crumbling and melting into ecological disaster, with humanity, which loses values, principles, autonomy, freedom, and is collapsing under the economic power that governs it.
The consequences seem already out of our control.
Time is running out, it’s up to us to decide whether we live and die like this or react.
Humanity still has that chance.


Choreography, Dramaturgy and Direction: Juan de Torres


Larumbe Danza: Beatriz del Monte, Fernando Solis, Irene Hernández, Mado Dallery, María de Marco, Ramón Junior Chávez and Sherezade Soriano // LD2 (Larumbe Danza 2): Alicia García, Darío García, Gisela Molinero and Lorena Cabrero

Original Music: Mauricio Corretje

Costume Design: Matías Zanotti

Costume Realization: Elena Arias

Lighting Design: La Cía de la Luz

Graphic Design and Promo Material: Javier Moreno

Promo video and Streaming Service: Jorge Barriuso

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Management and Promotion: Lizbeth Pérez

General Production and Direction: Juan de Torres

Production Assistant: Natalia Gutiérrez

Co-Direction: Daniela Merlo