Larumbe Danza: 25 years of creation without borders

Larumbe Danza celebrates 50 years as a company since it was created by Karmen Larumbe, and 25 years since it is directed by Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo. Thanks to all its history, Larumbe Danza has become something much more than a Company. Apart from its own productions, it promotes a residency program (support for other choreographers) thanks to being a Resident Company in Coslada, and also carries out exhibitions, training, mediation and dissemination activities of dance among all types of audiences, with special emphasis on the children and young public and in the new creators.

Madrid, April 2021. In 1971 Karina sang at Eurovision contest and bells rang in Spain, but we can’t really talk about contemporary dance in our country. Spanish creators tried to nourish themselves with novelties beyond our borders and thus, little by little, new languages ​​were imported from the US and Germany, among others. A Navarrese woman named Karmen Larumbe created her contemporary dance company in Brussels, a company that today is much more than that and that continues to create and promote creation, training and exhibition from its venue in Coslada. For 25 years it has been directed by two renowned artists who face 2021 as a celebration after many years of creation and promotion of dance, and also of overcoming obstacles. They are Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo.

50 years – and more in the field of performing arts – represents an important journey with a great margin for transformation and growth. Today’s LARUMBE is not the one from 50 years ago or the one from 25 years ago, when Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo took over from the direction, but obviously its evolution is rooted in its history. The project, which was born as a Company, today has several aspects of work in the dance sector in relation to three pillars: Creation, Exhibition and Training.