Coslada Radial: A festival to promote local creators

In September, Coslada is transformed into culture, with a new edition of the Coslada Radial Festival, now in its third year in the city. This initiative aims to support creation in the municipality and encourage the promotion of new audiences. The event was created to become a festival of reference at the beginning of each season, both in the city itself and in the Community of Madrid.

After the success of the first two editions, in 2021 and 2022, the FESTIVAL COSLADA RADIAL will celebrate its third edition from 13 to 16 September 2023, again under the artistic direction of Hugo Nieto, Director of Culture of Coslada and Artistic Director of the Municipal Theatre of Coslada, and the curator of dance, Juan de Torres, as dance has always had an important role in Coslada Radial.

In this third edition, the Festival de Creación Contemporánea will feature different performances in three main areas: dance, theatre and music. All three are aimed at both participating audiences (in the workshops) and spectators (in the performances and workshop shows).

As far as dance is concerned, Juan de Torres, curator of the festival’s dance programme and director of Larumbe Danza, Company Resident in Coslada, has tried to bring dance to the streets with performances by companies and great figures from the national and international scene. There will be professional, semi-professional and amateur performances, giving visibility to all areas of dance.

Throughout the Festival, the work of Mado Dallery of the Coslada-based company Larumbe Danza will be shown to the public with the piece “Moda no soy”, a work of his own creation, which takes as its starting point a physical and psychological investigation based on the impact of the gaze of others on an insecure body. On the international scene, Coslada will have the opportunity to enjoy the Mandala Dance Company (Italy), with the show “Crossover”, which investigates human nature in the meeting of metaphors of energies and bodies of peoples and cultures.

In addition, there will be dance workshops for all audiences who are willing to taste the first dance action of the season. Before the start of the course, it is a good opportunity to try some free classes with the people in charge of Larumbe Danza, during the Festiva Radial.

They are free workshops, for people over 12 years old, directed by Juan de Torres (Larumbe Danza Cía. resident in Coslada) on September 13th, 14th and 15th and Paola Sorressa from Mandala Dance Company, on September 16th.

The full programme is below:

  • 13 September: (Dance), workshop by the outstanding company Larumbe Danza, aimed at a diverse audience from the age of 12 upwards. This workshop will be held on 13, 14 and 15 September, with a final performance, showing the students’ results to the public.
  • 15 September: (Theatre) “A chronicle of violence” by the Indubio Teatro company, in the pit of the Municipal Theatre.
  • 15th September: (Dance), end of the festival starring Larumbe Danza and the French-Italian dancer, Mado Dallery, with their own creation.
  • 16th September: (Dance), workshop for dance professionals by Paola Sorressa.
  • 16 September: (Music), Iris Women’s Choir of Coslada with the concert “The Broadway Girls”, a selection of pieces from the most famous musicals sung by four female voices in Spanish.
  • 16 September: (Music), Sensory experience of music and words entitled “BPM”, by José Delgado and Patricia Ruz.
  • 16 September: (Dance), Mandala Dance Company with the piece “Crossover”.
  • 16 September: (Music), Surprise concert.