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Young Company of Coslada

About LD2

The LD2 Young Company of Coslada project was born from the result of the training plan that the Larumbe Workshops have carried out during the last decade in Coslada and that has involved in one of its aspects the accompaniment of dance students from their childhood to adolescence or young adults’ age. Some of them with noticeable talent and an interest that go beyond the category of simple entertainment.

Philosophy and fundamentals

The technical excellence in Dance is acquired through hard daily and constant work; methodical, meticulous and exhausting work. Without prejudice, however, to the preservation of spontaneity, creativity, motivation and, ultimately, the essence of the enjoyment of dancing, which is what ultimately makes the difference between excellence or normality, and what will allow to train professional performers and creators, since the learning of the different dance techniques and styles will have been carried out while preserving their personalities and characteristics.

That is why we have wanted to create this Advanced and Comprehensive Training Platform under the incentive of belonging to a Young Company.


The methodology is based in reference to the resident company Larumbe Danza, studying and analyzing its activity, participating in its events in the Municipality both as listeners and collaborators, as an immersion activity for comprehensive training, as well as working on the repertoire of the company and presenting it to the public on specific occasions.

Who makes it up

LD2 Young Company of Coslada, is composed mainly of students from our workshops with an already important technical level and under this strict philosophy. But it may admit any student of contemporary dance from the age of 16 who meets the commitments, technical and artistic requirements sufficiently advanced and adequate to the demands and content to be developed.

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