Larumbe Danza celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a double premiere

October 2021. After a regular but at the same time special year of celebration, choreographic creation, training and promotion of residencies and dance festivals in different cities, Larumbe Danza wants to culminate its anniversary year with a celebration in style. On November 13 at 19:00, Teatro Municipal of Coslada, the company, created 50 years ago by Karmen Larumbe and directed 25 years ago by Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, will present the following program:

  • Dkada’s. Recovery of the three extracts that were created for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Company, that symbolize the Larumbe Danza philosophy of promoting the creation of stablished choreographers, but also with the aim of collaborating with other choreographers with whom to exchange experiences and visions. There are two extracts by the two artistic directors of Larumbe Danza, one by Juan de Torres and the other by Daniela Merlo, and a third piece from the National Dance Award and Gold Medal for Merit in the Performing Arts, Cesc Gelabert.
  • Preview of the documentary about the 25 years of creation of Larumbe Danza. Through an original approach, where, through the dialogue of Omar Khan, journalist specialized in dance, and Juan de Torres, artistic director of Larumbe Danza, a journey is made through the global perspective of Larumbe’s day-to-day life and its evolution in time: creation, exhibition (own works and promotion of festivals with varied programming) and training, mediation and dissemination of dance. The documentary is directed by Jorge Barriuso and will premiere in the coming months in Coslada.
  • Iceberg II. As a continuity to its first part Iceberg, Iceberg II is born, a performance directed and created by Juan de Torres where, through the all-powerful image of an iceberg, we speaks of the breakdown of societies and of the human being: ecological disaster, pandemics, borders for safeguard the privileges of rich countries, crisis of values, loss of freedom… On the other hand, with a very impressive aesthetic, where technology and innovation are always present, there is a halo of hope based on the capacity of the human being and the nature to regenerate themselves. Are we still on time? The performance will feature the live participation of the Coslada Choral Group.

The anniversary celebration will be attended by personalities from the world of politics, culture and other areas who will take the opportunity to learn about an exhibition of the evolution of contemporary dance in our country through a company with such a long history (born in 1971) and with such a global vision of this profession (education, promotion of young people, broadening of audiences, creation, etc.). Tickets, priced at 3€, are on sale here.