Larumbe Danza concludes their year of celebration of the 25th Anniversary since Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo are the head of the company, and also created 50 years ago by Karmen Larumbe, with the premiere of the new performance “Iceberg II”.

“Man has not known how to organize a world for himself and is a stranger in the world that he himself has created.”

Alexis Carrell

As a continuation of the last performance “Iceberg” that was produced in 2020, “Iceberg II” is created, a performance directed and created by Juan de Torres where, the breakdown of society and the human being are discussed through the all-powerful image of an iceberg: ecological disaster, pandemics, frontiers for safeguard the privileges of rich countries, a crisis of values, loss of freedom… On the other hand, with a very impressive aesthetic, where technology and innovation are always present, there is a halo of hope based on the capacity of the human being and of nature to regenerate.

The creation of a second part based on the same theme, has to do with the current situation of our society and the creative need to experiment and make a new dance production from a totally different approach.

The metaphor is the same, only a small part of a global, deep, and urgent problem underlies.


Idea, Direction and Stage Manager: Juan de Torres

Choreography: Juan De Torres con la colaboración de los bailarines

Dancers: Antonio Carbonero, Ramón Jr Chávez, Mado Dallery, Sergio García, Lucía Montes, Victoria Pérez y Marina Vara

Original Music: Mauricio Corretje

Other Music: Piotr Llich Chaikovsky

Con la participación en directo de la Agrupación Coral de Coslada

Director of the Choral Group: Felipe Bel

Pianist: Alexandre Alcántara

Multimedia Design: Jorge Barriuso

Lighting Design: Daniel Alcaraz y la Cía De La Luz

Costum Design: Carla Paucar

Stage Machinery: Ricardo Villegas (Áncora)

Promo Video: Jorge Barriuso y Rafa Bernad

Graphic Design: Javier Moreno

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Make-up: Xenia Tió

Make-up Asistans: Escuela Truhko Makeup – Laura Del Río, Silvia Jiménez, Lola Gómez, Teresa Gracia, Sara Moreno y Laura Rodríguez

Technical Asistant: Unai Torres y Aitor Sánchez

Co-Direction: Daniela Merlo

Production Assistant: Natalia Gutiérrez

Management and Distribution: Lizbeth Pérez

General Prodution: Juan De Torres