REFLECTION” is created with the aim of proposing suggestions, not evidence. The performance provokes an emotional impact in the audience resulting from the balanced relation between what is shown as merely aesthetic and the incidental messages of the story. Through a visual poetic language, we work on the ability to capture and translate images and movements introducing concepts such as direction and depth. We approach beyond the standard interaction between human beings and their environment through simple anecdotes from daily life represented in a recreational and absurd way making use of the peculiarity and eccentricity of the scene in which the action takes place. Hence, deduction, supposition and, overall, children’s individual creativity are stimulated.

“REFLECTIONS” is a dance performance with amazing visual effects and optical illusions created from the interaction between two dancers and their reflections over a scene made by seven big mirrors which are placed, moved and combined to create different spaces for action and play, such as the kaleidoscope human size.


Original Idea and Choreography: Daniela Merlo

Performers: Claudia Valentina and Marta Rueda

Set Stage: Juan de Torres

Music: Chico Hugo and Jorge Cardoso

Set design and realization: Keywork

Set adaptations: Marc Bartoló

Lighting Design: Lia Alves

Costume: Elena Arias

Management and Distribution: Lizbeth Pérez

General Production: Juan de Torres