Larumbe Danza presents Firebird (3D)”, choreographed by Juan de Torres and aimed at all audiences, but especially towards the new generations, concentrating the three pillars to awaken interest in the performing arts for all: past, present and future. 

The music of the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, one of the most emblematic of the 20th century, represents the PAST, without associating the firebird with destruction but with life and reconstruction. Dance, with its instantaneous and ephemeral movement, represents the PRESENT. And technology, through immersion in the show by means of 3D images, represents the FUTURE, creating a visually stunning work with original music and a cast of dancers from the resident company in Coslada.

This version of The Firebird represents the flame of intuition, of desire, of dreams, of the utopia that makes us walk and try to live a full life, as well as the vindication of the arts as the main vehicle to achieve this path.

Five characters representing a group of young people today, are trapped in a routine – too gray – life directed by a model of society with inflexible canons. Until one of them dares to break with the routine to undertake a different dynamic. In this way, she discovers the Firebird, a fantastic, magical and mythological being that, deep down, turns out to be her own inner self, the trigger to wake up and fight to fly towards new horizons. A journey towards maturity that the protagonist undertakes with great courage and bravery, going through moments of crisis, fear, and splendor to reach, thanks to her Firebird, the satisfaction and peace necessary for a full life.


Idea and Stage Manager: Juan de Torres

Choreography: Juan De Torres in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Victoria Pérez, Ramón Jr. Chávez, Fernando Solís, Beatriz de Paz and Claudia Lorenzín

Original Music: Mauricio Corretje

Other Music: Igor Stravinski

Set Realization: Ricardo Villegas 

Lighting Design: Daniel Alcaraz (Cía. de La Luz)

Audiovisual and 3D Multimedia Creation: Carlos Lucas

Image Creation and Multimedia Assistant: Jorge Barriuso 

Costume Design: Elena Arias

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Grafic Design: Son Ávalos

Production Assistant: Karla Martínez

Management and Distribution: Lizbeth Pérez

Artistic Co-Direction: Daniela Merlo

General Production: Juan de Torres


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